Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Pukeko Update

We started dance with the dance instructors this week. All of the children are super focused and eager to learn the dances. It is so much fun watching how hard they are trying to get the moves right. When they make a mistake the just move on and have another go.

We also continued on with the Pukeko, reading some non-fiction books and stories to the children. We had a go a sketching a Pukeko using Perky Pukeko as a model. Here are our first attempts.

Bass, Casey and Zac got creative and created a map for their play on a large piece on corrugated cardboard.They were able to talk me through it very clearly. They pretended to be super-alien, spider-man and Captain America and planned to trap The Joker(alias Mr T) using  weapons they made from the engineering kit and cardboard tubes! THE JOKER SURVIVED (this time)!

Jared drew a LARGE castle outside with an attic for old toys and then he went inside and built another castle with the foam blocks for his cars. He explained in great detail all the parts of his outside castle  and what you could do in the castle and then told me a long story about how the cars could operate on his block castle inside.

Tobias built binoculars from the tubes and straws while Casey, Zac and Michael  worked with the engineering kit.

Mr Kingston brought over a HUGE tube foe us to investigate. Yagana, Rocki, Sophie and Joseph began experimenting to see what they could post, how fast it would go down and what happened when they varied the height of the tube-Science in action!

We were lucky to have New Zealand Playhouse visit us this week with a mash up of Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood. Pantomime at its best!A great example of innovative thinking-3 actors, minimal props and a very interesting plot.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Pukeko Update

This week we have seen much more in the way of group play. One or two children have started some play and others have become interested and asked to join in. Tuesday was a great outside day where we pulled out all of the large loose parts. These include tyres, pellets, pvc piping, planks of wood and cable reels. The ideas were flowing and the children needed help with strategies to move some of the larger loose parts.

Jared bought in a nest which interested the children. We came up with a list of birds we knew the name of and found some pictures of their nests. We wanted to find out what type of birds nest it was. We looked at the nest of the swallow, sparrow, tui, fantail, the blackbird and the Pukeko. Some looked the same and some looked very different. We then went out and looked for natural materials that the children could use to make their own nest. This was an interesting, messy and fun experience all the same.

Some of the girls playing at being a teacher.

Casey chose to make a card with a message for Mum and Dad.

Zac and Nyjel re-creating a scene from Hungry Dragon. These guys collected the dragons and the animals and took the morning creating the scene. Such focus is great to see.

Next week we will continue to look into the Pukeko, finding out more information and creating a wall of Pukeko art. We will also be looking into more alphabet and maths in the afternoons. We are taking part in dance over the next 2 weeks with a performance at the end of week 6. Very much looking forward to that. Have a great week.